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Down, down, down
the fall feels like forever.
Oddities litter the tunnel
time has no meaning
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The Porcelain Cracks
Crack, the mask begins to break
Porcelain shards fall to the ground
breaking further into dust
I look up, at the sky covered with diamonds
glittering, as though they could never be
brought down to the earth
Crack, the mask completely shatters
For the first time...
I feel alive
As tears, fall to the ground to water the earth
I know...
I am finally free
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Krory and Miranda: Blood Moon Chapter 1
Krory and Miranda: Blood Moon Ch. 1
It was a beautiful night, one which most people would enjoy. The night was so
clear, millions of stars could be seen dancing in the sky. However, it was also the night
of a Lunar Eclipse, when the moon turns a very dark orange that it could be considered
red. This troubled Komui because for unknown reasons Akuma became more powerful on such
nights. “The innocence however, also becomes more powerful, but not as much as an Akuma,”
he explains, “which is why tonight everyone will need to be on their guard more than
usual.” Miranda looked around nervously everyone was more powerful than she was, with her
innocence and what it could do now she felt like a sitting duck in battle. “Also, every
once in a while innocence can gain a new power while the Lunar Eclipse is going on. But
as far as we know, it will only last for the one night.” Komui explained. At this news
Miranda became a little more hopeful. But only a little.
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Scotland 2014
The guards bring a werewolf into the throne room. The wolf is the leader of the rebels. The guards kick him down in front of her. He is chained and collared to keep him from changing. His blood red hair and green piercing eyes glare at her. Her bright orange eyes glare back at him.
“So, you’re the queen of the bloodsuckers.” He says in a demonic tone.
“Watch what you say dog.” She stands
“What I say is the truth. You blood suckers enslave my people. Along with abandoning the goddess.”
“You’re a dishonor to the races of the night!”
“Oh, shut up and join your brethren.”
“Join them. Never!”
“You shall do so.” She lifts her scepter high. He breaks the chains grabbing her neck and slamming her to the ground. The guards are able to pull him off and get him back under control.
“You beast!”
“You witch!”
She bares her fangs at him. He growls bac
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Krory and Miranda: Friday the 13th
  Friday the thirteenth was known around the world as being the unluckiest day known. But it was rare that a full moon also happened to land on such a day. For Miranda, this was one of the best days she has ever had.
  Her day started out by nearly being late to a mission when she’d mysteriously tripped over nothing and hit her head, knocking her unconscious for an hour. Then while out on her mission she was almost crushed by a very large stone. Had it not been for Krory who had launched an Akuma at it she wouldn’t have survived.
  When she got back to the order she kept tripping no matter where she went. But thankfully no matter where she tripped Krory was there to catch her. After tripping twice while getting off the boat from their mission Krory had insisted on escorting her to most places around the Order for the day to keep her from getting hurt.
  Every time she was close to tripping Krory swore he had a heart attack. After requesting to be her esc
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It's great to be with everyone here on deviant art. Umm....I can't wait to start posting my own art, short stories, etc. And I hope you all enjoy them when I do. So thanks for looking!!!Nod Shaymin      Pikachu Wave 


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